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S-series Software Update - v1.6.0

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini

Version 1.6.0

Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu.

Change Log

  • Added channel search to Simple channel list

  • Press the Yellow key when the Simple channel list is on-screen

  • Added hidden apps section

  • Added Simple channel List OSD Transparency control

  • DVB Settings > OSD Settings > Channel List Transparency

  • Patched HDR contrast issue

  • Improved IP Channel playback when network is unstable

  • Airsync Remote color hotkey issue patched

  • Fixed manual Ethernet settings issue

  • Fixed IP channel playback after reboot when using WiFi

  • PQ settings can now be changed in HDR mode

  • General UIUX improvements

  • General bug fixes and performance enhancements

New factory reset recovery mode. For use when Android is not loading properly.

  • AC power OFF > AC power ON

  • Repeatedly press the Red key until the front LED flashes alternating RED/GREEN

  • Press 1 on the RCU to factory reset the device

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