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July 2021 Formuler Software Update

Applicable models : Formuler Z8 Pro, Z8, CC, Z Alpha, Z+ Neo

Firmware Version : 1.5.1

MYTVOnline2 Version : 7.12.1

A new software update for Formuler Z8 Pro, Z8, CC, Z Alpha, Z+ Neo is now available.

Most notable new features include integrated launcher channels for MYTVOnline2 - You can instantly access recently watched and favorited contents from the home screen, Google Assistant integration for MYTVOnline2 Live TV channel search*, and add support for Hauppauge tuners to watch Local digital TV channels for FREE.

The full list of features and other enhancements included in this update can be found below. We recommend that users install this update to enjoy better features and more stable functionality. You can always download the free OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in update app.