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IPTV / Z Firmware Update 2.7.14

Formuler proves again it is ahead of the competition in terms of real support and usable features. We are proud to announce the newest firmware update for Formuler IPTV and Formuler Z.

New features have been developed and feedback from our users and the community have been carefully considered. Many new optimizations and fixes are available for all to enjoy.

System firmware has been updated to fix on-screen keyboard usability issues. Apps can now be installed from USB when the device is not locked down. Installers can now use http image links in the iptvconfig file for easier loading.

Reboot your device to receive the new firmware.

Full release notes are below:

Firmware Version 2.7.14

  • Fixed issue with on-screen keyboard not showing colon key in some apps

  • Added Enter key to default system keyboard

  • Improved system keyboard layout

  • Fixed player issue with certain streams and 3rd party apps

  • Faster task switching between MYTVOnline and other apps. Less reconnections and less load on the server

  • Russian, Dutch, Turkish language translation improvements

  • Launcher UI/UX improvements

  • Added new system apps: APK Installer and Web Browser. Apps can now be installed from USB when device is not locked down

  • Screenshot feature added - Press and hold the REC button to save a screenshot to USB

  • Http image links allowed in iptvconfig

New Language Support Added:

  • German - Deutsch

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