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Introducing Z11 Series and MYTVOnline 3

Today Formuler launches the new Z11-series products: Z11 Pro Max and Z11 Pro. These fifth-generation Formuler media streaming devices represent the pinnacle of OTT streaming technology both in terms of hardware and software compared to previous generation Formuler set-top-boxes.

Z11 Pro Max, the flagship model, is full of the newest tech and cutting-edge innovations that can enhance the users' streaming experience beyond expectations. Z11 Pro Max features Android 11 Operating System, 6th-generation AX wireless communication, and the all-new Mali G57 GPU for up to 2x better graphics performance compared to previous generations. 4GB RAM and 32GB storage provides ample headroom for running the most demanding streaming tasks in smooth 4k.

Z11 Pro features the return of Gigabit Ethernet along with similar features and specifications from the Z11 Pro Max such as: Android 11 OS, Mali G57 GPU, 4k 60fps AV1 decoding, and Widevine Level 1 DRM to unlock ultra high-definition contents from premium streaming services.

Universal Search allows the user to search across all media providers and across all media-types to easily find relevant and engaging content.

Multi-Provider Access let's users aggregate content from across various sources into one, easily-accessible list for convenience. Users will also enjoy faster login times to their media providers using the new connection system.

Pinned Groups and Watchlist are new features that will allow users to prioritize favorite content for faster and easier access.

The brand new UI design immerses you in a premium user experience that is unrivaled by any other app.

Please visit or contact your distributor for more information about the new models, pricing, and availability.

Thank you.

Formuler Staff

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