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Formuler IPTV Software Update

Formuler is once again advancing the state-of-the-art with the latest System Firmware and MYTVOnline software update for Formuler IPTV users. These major updates provide even more powerful features for a truly engaging and immersive TV viewing experience.

We received a lot of feedback from members in the community who wanted to customize the homescreen tiles. We heard you loud and clear and have implemented an advanced, but easy-to-use homescreen editor. Now you can take control of the homescreen by adding, removing, and customizing the tiles any way you want.

MYTVOnline has also been updated to provide even better usability and optimizations. Radio channels provided from the service operator can now be enjoyed via a separate section in the Main Menu. The Video-on-Demand user interface has also been redesigned to provide a better overall user experience as well as a powerful search feature.

Installers and operators will also benefit from this update. Formuler IPTV clients can now be remotely configured from the server dashboard. System popup window colors can now be defined via the iptvconfig file. Also, the option to embed a second backup portal is available through the configuration file.

Only Formuler provides regular and useful software updates for its users and system integrators to enjoy.

Reboot your device now to receive the updates.

Full release notes are below:

Formuler IPTV Firmware Version 2.7.8

  • Home screen (Launcher) updated. Users can now customize the app tiles and add up to 3 more app groups.

  • Long press OK on any existing tile to bring up the customization menu.

  • Page UP/DOWN scolling function available in mouse cursor mode. Use the CH UP/DN buttons in cursor mode

  • Various minor UI improvements

  • Power LED behavior improved

  • App icons quality in All Apps menu improved

  • molcfg encryption now available. Contact your Formuler rep for details.

  • System popup window color can now be defined via iptvconfig file. Contact your Formuler rep for details.

MYTVOnline Version 1.2.0

  • Radio Channels Added to Main Menu

  • EPG optimizations - General

  • New Single-Channel EPG. Access by pressing Right Arrow on the RCU at Info-Bar or Channel List.

  • Favorite channels now saved on the server. Favorites will survive factory reset.

  • Parental PIN now saved on the server. PIN will survive factory reset.

  • Subscription Expiration Date now displayed in Settings menu

  • VOD User Interface overhaul

  • VOD Search function added

  • VOD details added: Rating, Genre, Actors

  • Fixed various issues when switching between portals

  • Stability Improvements

  • Installer Mode : Added backup portal to configuration file. Contact your Formuler rep for details.

  • molcfg can now be pushed from server dashboard. Contact your Formuler rep for details.

New Language Support Added:

  • Nederlands - Dutch

  • русский - Russian

  • Türkçe - Turkish

  • Hrvatski - Croatian

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