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FORMULER GTV-BT1 Remote Update


Firmware version: 0.5.3d

App version: 1.2.5

Formuler BT1 Remote now features Integrated Volume Control

The much requested Integrated Volume Control feature for Formuler BT1 premium remotes is finally here. Now you can control the volume of external audio devices like TVs, AVRs, or Soundbars with the BT1 remote without changing the mode on your BT1.

To activate this new feature, download and install Formuler Remote app version 1.2.5 to your Formuler device and update your BT1 firmware to version 0.5.3d. Customize the behavior of the Volume buttons on the BT1 by accessing the new "Setup Volume Control" menu in the Formuler Remote app.

Also, you can now use scroll control in mobile version apps with Info/Guide button for right and left, Ch/Pg button for up and down. It’s only available in the mouse cursor mode after you assign the mouse to a hotkey.

How to install :

For Z8/Z10-series devices:

  1. Open the Market app

  2. Install/update Formuler Remote v1.2.5

  3. Proceed to step 'A' below

For GTV:

  1. Open Google Play Store

  2. Search and update Formuler Remote app

  3. Proceed to step 'A' below

After updating Formuler Remote app, install the BT1 firmware 0.5.3d:

A. Open Formuler Remote app

B. Select GTV-BT1 on the RCU selection screen

C. Select RCU Update App at the bottom of the menu

D. Install the firmware 0.5.3d for BT1

Release Notes:

Applicable models: Formuler GTV-BT1 Remote Controller

Formuler Remote App Version: 1.2.5

BT1 Firmware Version: 0.5.3d

Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

New Features, Fixes & Improvements

Change Log:

  • NEW: [BT1] Customize Volume button behavior to control other devices while in STB mode. BT1 firmware version 0.5.3d or higher required

  • NEW: [BT1] Scroll control in mobile apps using Info/Guide for right and left, Ch/Pg for up and down. Available in mouse cursor mode

  • IMP: [BT1] Added complete IR code list for more remote compatibility

  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

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