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April 2019 Z-Series Software Update

Firmware Version:

Z / Nano / Plus / Prime: v2.8.71

Zx / Zx 5G / Z7+ / Z7+ 5G: v1.2.71

App Version:

MYTVOnline Version: v1.9.71

Applicable Models: All Z-series devices (excluding Z8)

We have been constantly working to improve your smart viewing experience, and the new software update for Formuler Z-Series models is now available.

We recommend all users download and install this update for enjoying better features and more stable functionality to their device. Numbers of requested features and improvements have been included in this release. In addition, several major and minor issues were patched.

Thank you again to all the supporters, beta testers and Formuler fans for making this release possible.

Download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in update app.

Release Notes:

Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version v2.8.71 / v1.2.71

ㆍADD: Mini app market for Nano

ㆍFIX: Internal WLAN dropping issue

ㆍFIX: Display Resolution button doesn't show resolution selection window

ㆍIMP: Display resolution selection window only shows compatible resolutions

ㆍFIX: System software update hangs when system memory is full

ㆍIMP: Improved front panel boot-up LED sequence

ㆍFIX: Android Location Services

MYTVOnline Version: v1.9.71

ㆍFIX: Radio channel streaming issue on certain portals

ㆍIMP: Increased refresh rate of detailed stream info

ㆍFIX: Episode playback issue on certain portals

ㆍFIX: Crashing issue when switching portals

ㆍFIX: Favorite list changes if m3u list is updated

ㆍFIX: Page scrolling issue in TV Series section

ㆍFIX: xmltv EPG parsing issue

ㆍFIX: Cell overlap issue in Program Guide

ㆍFIX: HLS VOD playback issue

ㆍFIX: Group Channel Numbering preference changes after applying Installer Mode config

ㆍFIX: Recording stops if stream buffers

ㆍFIX: m3u channel parsing issue

ㆍFIX: TV Series playback/seek issue

ㆍFIX: Favorite channels disappear when using XC API

ㆍFIX: Freeview HD EPG display issue when using USB DVB-T tuner

ㆍFIX: Timeshift file is created on USB even if Timeshift is set to OFF

ㆍIMP: Grid EPG data request rate

ㆍADD: VOD Favorites

ㆍFIX: VOD Search not working with XC API portals

ㆍVarious bug fixes and performance improvements

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